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Michelle Lang



For over two years I have been using Rydair pads for both training and competition. The saddle always fits snugly, with pressure points eliminated, movement is minimised which allows a more balanced ride.

The shock absorption of the pad reduces the impact on the horse when landing after a jump, helping to reduce back and muscle soreness. As sweat is not absorbed into the pad, it is perfect for training, as the same pad can be used on several horse with just a wipe over.


Michelle Lang
Aust Representative World Championships
World Championships, Italy 2002




Rebel Morrow


While spending the last three months in Queensland training with Simone Kann and Michelle Lang, I have used the Rydair Saddle Pad on a daily basis. I have had to train in the Queensland temperatures sometimes reaching up to 40 degrees. It is believed that these temperatures will be equivalent to those that I may experience in Athens.

To this note I am relieved to use the Rydair Saddle Pad on my horses, a saddle pad that is comfortable, cool, breathable, durable and very low maintenance -- just hose and go.

February 2004

Rebel Morrow




Aaron Wheatley



I have been using the “RYDAIR” pads for 8 months now and have found them to be fantastic. They are light weight and soft but still very cushioning. I work 30+ horses a day and have had absolutely no horses with sore backs or withers.

The pads themselves don’t move under saddle, the saddles are staying in a much better position on the horse, no slipping especially on horses that are a bit round or “rolly”, this allows me work with a looser girth.

I have found the pads very easy to clean with a quick hose down. This means I can disinfect the pads between horses eliminating the spread of fungal/bacterial type skin infections. There is no build up of hair and sweat like most traditional saddle pads that get hard and crusty after a few months of use.

I am very impressed with the “RYDAIR” pads and would recommend them to everyone.

Aaron Wheatley Cutting Horses
May 2004


Gina Montgomery



The Rydair Saddle Pads are a great idea. I have been using the pad for the past 8 months, up to 10 times per day on a range of horses.

It eliminates saddle movement on the ponies, the shock absorption factor helps support the back muscles of the larger horses, and as sweat is drawn away, it’s more hygienic than traditional saddle cloths, I simply hose it off and it’s ready to go again!

On show days and at dressage comps I use a Rydair pad under my numnah or dressage saddle cloth ensuring my saddle stays in place and my expensive numnahs last longer.

I can highly recommend the Rydair Saddle Pads for all round use.

Gina Montgomery

March 2004




Simone Kann



I've been using RYDAIR Anti slip saddle pads for almost two years. I have been so impressed with this product that I now use them for all disciplines, jumping included.

RYDAIR Saddle Pads are brilliant for the simple fact that they are non-slip, hardwearing and comfortable for the horse.

I have found that even when clipped, horses don't suffer the typical rashes or rubs they get using traditional saddle blankets.

They are both hygienic and convenient and can be simply hosed off between uses.

My RYDAIR Saddle Pads have been subject to a great deal of wear and tear and they are still going strong.


Simone Kann



Carlos Tabernaberri



I always ensure that when I start a horse, I make his first saddle and ride a positive experience that will last a lifetime and has caused the horse no fear.

Not only am I responsible for the outcome of the horse, I am also responsible for his safety and comfort.

The Rydair pad provides total comfort for the horse, and also its anti-slip ability ensures there are no saddle slips at this crucial time when I step on the stirrup for the first time.

It is also safe for me! On my rugged mountain rides, a Rydair pad gives me the assurance that my saddle won't slip on those steep mountain climbs and slides.

Safe and fun riding

Carlos Tabernaberri

"Whispering Acres"
Nov 2004


Robyn Cooper



The RYDAIR saddlecloth to me has been the best cloth that I’ve ever used. I’ve been using Rydair pads for over three years while competing in the high demanding sports of Polocrosse and campdrafting. I have found the Rydair to keep the horse a lot cooler under saddle due to the sweat dispersion and also it prevents the saddle from rolling or shifting.

I would recommend a RYDAIR to anyone to use from Pony Club right through to all the performance sports, as it also aids in protecting the horses back and is so easily maintained.

Robyn Cooper

Cunningham Club
June 2004




Reg Gillan



My staff and I have been using Rydair Products for almost two years.

During that time I have put over one thousand five hundred hours up on my Rydair Western Style Saddle Pad and my assistants have clocked up some five hundred hours on their Rydair English Style Saddle Pads.

In 2001/2002 we weathered the hottest summer in 100 years and found that the comfort and heat dissipation qualities of Rydair Saddle Pads made them ideal for a range of activities including mustering, trail riding, learn to ride, training and trackwork.

The pads have been used with English, Western and Australian Stock Saddles. This summer we have been testing the Rydair range of gloves and are finding that they give excellent feel whilst being durable and tough. They also provide protection against our North Queensland sun, are cool to wear and look good.

You pay for what you get and Rydair Products have provided the quality I need.


Reg Gillen
Laguna Whitsunday Stables




Mick & Cheryl Storey


Whether its campdrafting , mustering or just schooling a young horse you want them to be comfortable and have their mind totally on the job. That's where the Rydair Saddle pad stands out. We have been using Rydair pads for over two years, and they are now part of our everyday gear, and the first thing we grab when saddling up.

They are tough and durable but look great at the same time. In the Queensland heat the airflow through the web helps disperses the sweat from under the pad and down the horses sides causing a cooling action which helps prevent scalding, overheating and sweat boils. As sweat is not absorbed into the material the same pad can be used on several horses.

The Rydair pad fits the saddle to the horses body shape which prevents pressure marks on the back and shoulders. The dense shock-absorbing cloth is handy when you are riding different shaped horses each day, even the quarterhorse and pony are much easier to fit and their rolling body action is reduced as the anti-slip web prevents the pad shifting. . Especially we have noticed the reduction in sore backs in our horses.

Our chiropractic treatments and the amount of time that the horses are out of work has been reduced by 75%, which when you add it up is a big saving on both. We can honestly say that our horses haven't been more happy to give their all since we have been converted to the Rydair saddle pads.


Mick & Cheryl Storey
Mt Tarampa




Corey Brown



I have been using Rydair pads as packing for over a year. I find the foam density cushions impact on the horse, while the anti-slip webbing reduces saddle movement.

The same pad can be used in all races, as the pad does not absorb sweat and is easily wiped clean.


Corey Brown
Leading Jockey
Sydney 2002




Allan Wallen



When you ride horses every day for a living, you look to use quality products that are:-
• Cost Effective
• Hard Wearing
• Therapeutic
• Hygienic

The RYDAIR Saddle Pad is one of those products, which I highly recommend, having used them since 2000.

Riding long hours on a variety of horses, I found the RYDAIR reduces the amount of muscle soreness, as it prevents saddle slippage which can also cause friction burns, and dissipates the heat eliminating sweat rash.

I use RYDAIR pads on my workhorses as well as top performance horses competing at Royal and National Show levels.

I also use the Rydair pads on my daughters show ponies. With the anti-slip properties, it allows the children to develop their seat and balance and it is comfortable for the pony, not having the saddle rolling through transitions.



Allan Wallen

Futurity & Maturity Winner
2004 ASH National Championships
August 2004




Steve Davey



I have been using the "RYDAIR" saddle pad for some months now.

I find the "RYDAIR" fits on all size horses, doesn't slip, the sweat dries quickly so I can put it from one horse to another.

The pad feels nicely cushioned with the pitted textured rubber, it must be comfortable for the horses.

I think its great.


Steve Davey



ENDURANCE Competitor

Wendy Kirman




When given a 16mm Rydair saddle cloth to try, I first used it with a Wintec stock saddle on a standardbred horse being trained for Endurance.

The horse was 15.2 HH, heavy type build, bench knees, with short pasterns, which means after riding this horse you feel an awful lot of concussion in your lower back, plus the horse gets windgalls. I found using the Rydair cut down on the concussion that I felt, and the windgalls took a lot longer to appear. The horse moved beautifully under this cloth. Considering I was VERY sceptical about this cloth, I was looking for trouble and was so very surprised.

I thought with the amount of sweat coming out from under it my horse would get heat related problems, so hence I did a test with the thermometer. (Especially using a Wintec.)

Temperature tests were conducted over four days, first, second and fourth days using the Rydair pad, and the third day a cotton/terry toweling saddle cloth. Temperatures were taken at Point 1, under the seat of the saddle and Point 2, on the loin under the pad.

Rydair 15/1/01    
Pre Ride 1 After Ride 2 After Ride
33.5 37.2 36.5
Rydair 16/1/01    
32.8 37.8 37.6
Terry Toweling 17/1/01    
33 38 37.3
Rydair 18/1/01    
32.8 37.8  
Rydair 5 minutes later    
  37.1 36.6
    Horse Temp 37.9


This cloth was then used on a young horse under an Endurance Saddle. (Western saddle tree, with no padding other than sheepskin.) I first used cloth saddle cloths, which for some reason irritated his back next to the wither. (Saddle cloths were pulled into the gullet.) So I changed to a felt saddle cloth with a V cut in it over the wither - again he was irritated next to the wither both sides. (Saddle fits this horse correctly.)

So I grabbed the Rydair, stuck it under the saddle - No irritation problems. The excellent thing also is the ability that it can be used again straight away on a horse as the sweat is not absorbed into the cloth, and you are not sticking on a wet saddle cloth.

Excellent for Endurance Riders who carry saddle cloths for after each leg. When the Rydair pad gets dirty, you hose it down and it looks like new.


Wendy Kiermann


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